Residential occupancy codes

Touchstone supports the following residential occupancy class codes.

Since SIC codes are not mapped to residential occupancies, "n/a" indicates that the column is not applicable.

Occupancy ode Category SIC2-digit Description
301 General Residential n/a General Residential is a composite of all other Residential Occupancies. You can select this occupancy class code if you have no specific information about the risk.
302 Permanent Dwelling: Single Family n/a Single-unit detached dwellings usually occupied by a single family.
303 Permanent Dwelling: Multi Family n/a Multiple-unit dwellings usually occupied by more than one family. Typically, multi-family dwellings consist of four units or less.
304 Temporary Lodging 70 Commercial establishments known to the public as hotels, motels, motor hotels, or tourist courts primarily engaged in providing lodging or lodging and meals to the general public. This category includes hotels that are operated by organizations for members only. Also, establishments primarily engaged in renting, such as boarding houses, lodging houses, or rooming houses.
305 Group Institutional Housing n/a Residential units under institutional control. Examples include college dormitories, nursing homes, and retirement centers where medical care is incidental.
306 Apartments/Condominiums n/a Attached, multi-unit housing with more than four units.
307 Terraced Housing n/a Attached residential unit. Commonly found in Europe, e.g., in the United Kingdom.
367 Residential Land within residential property boundary. Includes land:
  • Under a residential structure and outbuildings (e.g. shed or garage).
  • Within eight meters of that residential structure and outbuilding.
  • Under or supporting the main access way, up to 60 meters from the residential structure.
Currently supported only for Verisk Earthquake Model for New Zealand
382 Construction/Erection Risks n/a Residential construction/erection risk is an under-construction building that is intended for a general residential occupancy. Currently supported for locations in China, India, South Korea, Southeast Asia (earthquake and typhoon), South America, Japan (earthquake and typhoon), the Middle East (earthquake) (added in version 11.0), and for some locations in Europe, including Central Europe. Also valid for Verisk Earthquake Model for New Zealand and Verisk Earthquake Model for Australia.