Touchstone construction class codes

Construction class codes help to determine the vulnerability of your risks to various perils. Touchstone provides a set of construction class codes that you use to describe the building material and/or type of construction used in your risks. Support for construction classes varies by country/region.

See the related information links to learn about Touchstone construction class codes and to find out which construction class codes are valid for each supported country/region. Also, see the link for validation information for unknown construction / unknown occupancy combinations.

For information about supported codes and limitations for specific models, refer to the model documentation that is available on the Client Portal. After logging in, select "Model Documentation" as the documentation type in the Narrow Results By pane and then search for the model for which you want information.


Touchstone also supports non-Touchstone construction and occupancy class codes, although we always recommend translating non-Touchstone codes to Touchstone codes wherever possible before importing your data. For more information, see the topics about non-Touchstone codes in the Help provided with your Touchstone Client.

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