Financial terms

When working with policy terms in Touchstone, it is important to understand the financial terms that are supported and the combinations of the financial terms that are valid for running detailed loss analyses.

The topics in these sections explain the financial terms, the criteria for specifying fields, and the valid combinations of supported terms and term types for layers, sublimits, and locations.

Notes on Touchstone terms:
  • Only one level of the Min/Max deductible is supported in a policy.
    • If you import an exposure that has a sublimit within a layer, with both coded for MM (minimum and maximum), Touchstone converts the sublimit MM deductible into a blanket deductible.
    • If multiple tiers of sublimits have MM deductibles, Touchstone converts the deductible on the lower tier to a blanket deductible.
  • Touchstone supports multiple levels of aggregate terms.