Currency codes

Currency codes supported by Touchstone during import.

Before importing data, review the following information.

  • To view the currency codes supported by Touchstone, log in to the Client Portal, navigate to the Developer Zone, click Touchstone Database Reference, and then search for "tCurrency Table" (located in the AIRReference database). The Description field for the Currency Code column lists the ISO 3-character code for each currency.

  • You cannot import data with, or set rates for, the following codes in Touchstone: ZWL, CYP, GHC, TMT, MXP, and CLF. You must convert these exposures to a Touchstone-recognized currency code prior to import.

  • If you import exposures with the UF code, Touchstone will change the code to CLP, if you then export the data to a CLF. Since UF and CLP are different currencies, you should confirm the exchange rate in SQL before importing, or convert the exposure from UF to CLP before importing.