Commercial occupancy codes

Touchstone supports the following commercial occupancy class codes.

Since SIC codes are not mapped to commercial occupancies, "n/a" indicates that the column is not applicable.

Occupancy Code Category SIC2-Digit Description
311 General Commercial n/a General Commercial is a composite of all other Commercial Occupancies. You can select this occupancy class code if you have no specific information about the risk.
312 Retail Trade 52 - 59 Retail stores including those establishments that sell building materials and hardware, general merchandise, food, apparel and accessories, home furniture, furnishings and appliances, and prepared food and drinks. Includes automotive dealers, gasoline service stations, and motorcycle, boat, and recreational vehicle dealers. Includes other retail such as drug stores, liquor stores, bookstores, used merchandise, jewelry stores, and piece goods stores. Also includes non-store retailers and fuel dealers. For all exposures in the U.S., Canada, South America, and the Caribbean, and for exposures covered for wind in Europe, restaurants (331) and gasoline stations (335) have separate occupancy codes. In other regions, use 312 for these occupancies. Also valid for Verisk Earthquake Model for New Zealand.
313 Wholesale Trade 50 - 51 Includes wholesale distribution of durable goods including motor vehicles and parts, home furnishings, lumber and construction materials, professional and commercial equipment, metals and minerals, electrical goods, hardware, plumbing and heating equipment, machinery, equipment and supplies, and other miscellaneous durable goods. Also includes wholesale distribution of non-durable goods including paper and paper products, drugs, apparel, groceries, farm-product raw materials, chemicals, petroleum and petroleum related products, alcoholic beverages, and other miscellaneous non-durable goods.
314 Personal and Repair Services 72, 75, 76 Includes personal services such as laundry and dry cleaning services, beauty and barbershops, shoe repair shops, photographic studios, and funeral services, as well as automotive rental and leasing, automotive repair shops, and other automotive service including car washes and miscellaneous repair services. For all exposures in the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean, and for exposures covered for wind in Europe, use code 336 (instead of 314), for automotive repair services and car washes. In other regions, use 314 for these occupancies. Also valid for Verisk Earthquake Model for New Zealand.
315 Professional, Technical, and Business Services 60 - 67, 73, 81, 87, 91, 93 - 97 Occupancies involved in the financial industry including depository institutions, non-depository credit institutions, security and commodity brokers, dealers and exchanges, insurance carriers, insurance agents and brokers, and real estate and other investment offices. Includes business services such as advertising agencies, consumer credit reporting agencies, mailing services, reproduction services, commercial art services, building cleaning and pest control services, equipment rental/leasing operations, employment agencies, computer programming, and computer rental/maintenance services. Also included in this occupancy class are legal services, engineering and architectural services, accounting services, research and development services, and management/public relations services. Executive offices, legislative bodies, and government offices are included in this occupancy class as are government establishments engaged in finance and taxation, in environmental quality and housing programs, and in the administration of economic programs including transportation, communications and utilities, agriculture, space and technology, national security and internal affairs, as well as government establishments engaged in human resource programs such as public health, veterans affairs, education, and social and human resources.
316 Health Care Services 80 Occupancies include medical, surgical, and other health services including clinics, laboratories, hospitals, and other health services.
317 Entertainment and Recreation 78, 79, 84 This occupancy class includes motion picture production and distribution facilities including motion picture theaters and video tape rental establishments, dance studios, theatrical production (other than motion picture), bowling centers, sports clubs, and physical fitness facilities, as well as amusement parks, museums, art galleries, arboreta, and botanical and zoological gardens. For all exposures in the U.S., Canada, the Caribbean, and Japan, and for exposures covered for wind in Europe, use commercial occupancy code 319 (rather than 317) for golf courses. In other regions, use 317 for golf courses. Also valid for Verisk Earthquake Model for New Zealand.

Although we do not explicitly model swimming pools, a suggestion for coding a swimming pool includes using either 116 (Reinforced Masonry) or 131 (Reinforced Concrete) as the construction code, while using occupancy code 317, and then entering the replacement value for the pool as the building replacement value (that is, Coverage A).

318 Parking 75 Automobile parking facilities.
319 Golf Courses 79 Golf courses and related buildings and facilities. Valid for all exposures in the U.S., Australia, Canada, South America, the Caribbean, Japan, South Korea, China, and Taiwan, and for exposures covered for wind in Europe. In other regions, use code 317 (Entertainment and Recreation) for golf courses. Also valid for Verisk Earthquake Model for New Zealand
366 Inland Transit Cargo n/a Distribution centers that temporarily store various commodities for further distribution, including wholesale stores. The commodities can be light (e.g. food, drug, light fabrication of clothing, high technology electricals) and heavy (e.g. heavy construction machineries). Warehouses are typically one-story steel frame or SRC (steel-reinforced concrete) construction with high ceilings. Most of the commodities are well packed and can be stacked during storage. Valid only for Southeast Asia models.
383 Construction/Erection Risks n/a Commercial construction/erection risk is an under-construction building that is intended for general commercial occupancy. Currently supported for locations in China, India, South Korea, Southeast Asia (earthquake and typhoon), South America, Japan (earthquake and typhoon), the Middle East (earthquake) (version 11.5 and later), and for some locations in Europe, including Central Europe. Also valid for Verisk Earthquake Model for New Zealand and Verisk Earthquake Model for Australia.