Industrial occupancy codes

Touchstone supports the following industrial occupancy class codes.

Occupancy Code Category SIC2-Digit Description
321 General Industrial n/a General industrial is a composite of all other industrial occupancies. You can use this occupancy class code if you have no specific information about the risk.
322 Heavy Fabrication and Assembly 08, 09, 24, 26, 30, 32, 35, 37, 99 Includes commercial fishing, hunting and trapping, operation of timber tracts, tree farms, forestry, nurseries and related activities, and establishments engaged in the cutting of timber and pulpwood. Includes the manufacture of furniture and other wood products, pulps from wood and other sources, tires and various other rubber and plastic products, glass products, cement, structural clay products, pottery, concrete and gypsum products, cut stone, and abrasive and asbestos products. Includes the manufacture of industrial and commercial machinery and equipment such as engines and turbines, farm and garden machinery, construction and mining equipment, metalworking machinery, special industry machinery, general industrial machinery, computer and office equipment, refrigeration machinery, and miscellaneous industrial machinery. Also includes the manufacture of motor vehicles, aircraft and aircraft parts, ship/boat building and repair, railroad equipment, motorcycles and bicycles, guided missiles, space vehicles, and transport equipment.
323 Light Fabrication and Assembly 22, 23, 25, 27, 31, 39 Occupancies involved in the preparation and manufacture of yarn, thread, twine, and cordage, in the manufacture of fabrics, carpets, and rugs, and in the dyeing and finishing of fiber, yarn, and fabrics. Includes the manufacture of apparel, felt goods, lace goods, non-woven fabrics, miscellaneous textiles, and textile products. Includes the manufacture of household, office, and restaurant furniture, as well as office and store fixtures. Includes occupancies involved in the publishing and/or printing trade and in service industries related to the printing trade. This occupancy class also includes tanning, currying, and finishing of hides and skins, manufacturing of finished leather and artificial leather products, jewelry, musical instruments, dolls, and toys, as well as other miscellaneous manufacturing.
324 Food and Drug Processing 20, 21 Includes food and beverage manufacturing and processing, and the manufacturing of cigarettes, cigars, and chewing and smoking tobacco.
325 Chemical Processing 28 Establishments involved in the manufacture of basic chemicals including acids, alkalis, salts, and organic chemicals, as well as chemical products that are to be used in further manufacturing including synthetic fibers, plastic materials, dry colors, and pigments. Includes the manufacture of finished products used for ultimate consumption including drugs, cosmetics, and soaps, as well as products used as supplies in other industries including paints, fertilizers, and explosives.
326 Metal and Mineral Processing 33, 34 Includes the smelting and refining of metals, the manufacture of castings, other basic metal products, nails, spikes, insulated wire, and cable, the production of coke, the fabrication of metal products including metal cans, tin ware, hand tools, cutlery, and general hardware, and metal forging.
327 High Technology 36, 38 Includes occupancies involved in the manufacture of machinery and supplies for the generation, storage, transmission, transformation, and utilization of electrical energy including electricity distribution equipment, industrial apparatus, household appliances, electrical lighting, and wiring equipment. Includes manufacturing instruments for measuring, testing, analyzing, and controlling, optical instruments and lenses, surveying and drafting instruments, hydrological, meteorological, navigational, surgical, medical, ophthalmic, and photographic equipment. Also included are watches and clocks.
328 Construction 15 - 17 Includes general contractors and builders of residential, farm, industrial, commercial, and other buildings, as well as general contractors involved in heavy construction including highways, streets, bridges, tunnels, etc. Also included are special trade contractors including painting, electrical work, carpentry work, plumbing, heating, roofing, etc.
329 Petroleum 29, 46 Establishments involved in petroleum refining, in the manufacture of paving and roofing materials, of compounding and lubricating oils and greases. Also includes the transportation of petroleum and other commodities, other than natural gas, through pipelines.
330 Mining 10, 12 - 14 Includes mining and exploring for metallic and nonmetallic minerals, as well as the mining and preparation of coal. Includes the extraction of oil from sand and shale and the production of natural gasoline.
384 Construction/Erection Risks n/a Industrial construction/erection risk is an under-construction building that is intended for a general industrial occupancy. Currently supported only for locations in China, India, South Korea, Southeast Asia (earthquake and typhoon), South America, Japan (earthquake and typhoon), the Middle East (added in 11.5), and for some locations in Europe, including Central Europe. Also valid for Verisk Earthquake Model for New Zealand.