Validation rules for Touchstone fields related to locations.

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Locations Tab Fields

Specifying Multiple Risks in a Location Record

You can specify data on multiple risks in a single record if they meet the following conditions:

  • All the risks are at the same location. That is, all the risks have the same area, sub area, and postal area values.

  • All the risks have essentially identical location-level insurance conditions. That is, all the risks have essentially the same replacement values, sums insured values, deductibles, etc.

  • All the risks have essentially identical structural characteristics, that is, the same construction, occupancy, age, height, etc.

In other words, all the risks must be homogeneous. If the risks are not homogeneous, then you must define each risk in a record of its own. Combining heterogeneous risks in a single record can produce incorrect results.

When combining risks, make sure to enter the total number of risks in the Number of Risks field. Entering a correct value in this field ensures that the claims count, if selected in the analysis options, will be accurate. (Claims count is valid only for U.S. locations, and for all perils except Terrorism.)