Location Builder Risk fields

Validation rules for fields related to Builder's Risk for a location.

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Our individual risk methodology follows a structured, logical approach that groups building characteristics according to their function to reflect the contribution of each characteristic to overall building performance. For information about the secondary risk characteristics (SRCs) that are supported in a specific model, refer to the "Model in Touchstone” chapter in the model description, which is available on the Client Portal. Documentation for some Verisk models includes a separate document that serves as a guide to the SRCs used in the model.

For information about modeling Builder's Risk, see the Using Builder's Risk in Touchstone guide,which is available on the Client Portal.




Validation Rules

Default Value

Project Completion

  • HI TC

  • US EQ

  • US HU

Completeness percentage of the building project at this location

Touchstone defines this value as the percentage of the project completed with the start of the corresponding policy. The project completion percentage is by the cost of the project.

This field applies only to the Average Project Loss (5) Project Phase Code. If you specify the No Builder's Risk (0) value or another phase loss value, Touchstone ignores the value that you specify for the project completion percentage.

  • Optional

  • Defaults to a value in the Touchstone user interface

  • Can be a numeric value between 0 and .99, inclusive


Project Phase Code

  • HI TC

  • US EQ

  • US HU

One of the following values to describe the vulnerability applicable to the phase of construction for the building project at this location:

  • No Builder's Risk (0) Default

  • Phase 1 (1) Foundation and substructure

  • Phase 2 (2) Superstructure

  • Phase 3 (3) Walls and roofing

  • Phase 4 (4) Interiors, mechanical (conveying, plumbing, HVAC, fire protection), electrical, furnishings, miscellany

  • Average Project Loss (5) Average project loss over the duration of the project

  • Worst Loss (6) Project phase when the loss potential is highest

A value of No Builder's Risk (0) for this field indicates that the building is completed, regular risk is assumed, and Touchstone applies no builder's risk.

If the level of builder's risk is unknown, enter 0 for this field.

  • Optional

  • Defaults to a value in the Touchstone user interface

No Builder's Risk (0)