UNICEDE/2 protocol

Verisk has designed the UNICEDE/2 protocol based on specific considerations.

UNICEDE/2 protocol

  • The contents of the file should be easy to read both by people and by computer software in virtually any operating system.

  • It is particularly important that the information contained in a UNICEDE/2 file be readable by people so that:

    • the data can be proof-read easily, if necessary.

    • the individual elements of the file can easily referenced.

  • The protocol should be easily extended when necessary while remaining compatible with prior versions, if any.

  • The file must be a pure ASCII text file. It may contain only the following ASCII characters:

    • printable decimal ASCII values 32 through 126

    • non-printable decimal ASCII values 13 (i.e., CARRIAGE RETURN) and 10 (LINE FEED)

The presence of any other characters may result in the software either rejecting the source file or in ignoring the character. THE ACTION TAKEN DEPENDS ON THE SOFTWARE and is not part of the UNICEDE /2 standard.

File Structure

The basic file structure contains two parts:

  • The Header describes the contents of the file.

  • The Body contains the actual data being submitted.