What's new in UNICEDE/2

Summary of updates and enhancements to UNICEDE/2 content by version.



UNICEDE 2.9 The following updates were introduced in 2024:
  • Addition of seven countries: Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Egypt, Iceland, Montenegro, Morocco, and Tunisia. This include new currency codes for all countries with the exception of Montenegro (Euro).
The following updates were introduced in 2023:
  • Addition of countries Jordan and Lebanon along with their area tags, currencies, perils and LOB information.
  • Updates to area tag, peril, and LOB assignments for a number of existing Middle Eastern countries.
  • Additions and updates to China LOBs for agriculture (MPCI).
  • Added Italy to European flood peril list.

UNICEDE/2 version 2.9 was introduced in July 2020. It is compatible with Touchstone Re 8.0 and above.

  • Additional LOBs for China MPCI.
  • Caribbean updates including additional countries, updated CRESTA zones, and updated lines of business.


UNICEDE/2 version 2.8 was introduced in 2018. It is compatible with CATRADER 20.0 and 21.0 and all verstions of Touchstone Re. Online help for UNICEDE/2 versions 2.3 and 2.5 have been retired.

  • Updates reflect addition of Liechtenstein and India, and European geography and LOB updates.


UNICEDE/2 version 2.7 was introduced in July 2011. Changes from the prior version include updated lines of business and changes to supported geographic resolutions for several European and Caribbean countries.