What's new in the 2024 validation reference

The 2024 Touchstone Exposure Data Validation Reference includes information about support for additional codes in some models.

Change to contents of validation reference

The validation reference now contains all content from Touchstone 2020 (8.0) onwards. You can view the changes in each release in the "What's new" topics, and you can view a cumulative list of all changes in the "Revision history" topic. You can view earlier versions of the validation reference by navigating to the "Earlier Versions" section in the validation reference and then selecting the validation reference that you want to view.

The most current version of the validation reference includes text that identifies the version in which a feature was introduced or updated, as shown in the following examples:

Example: In Touchstone 2023 (11.0), we added validation rules for Verisk BINS ID location fields.
Example: In version 9.0, we added validation rules for fields related to marine secondary building characteristics (SRC) for a location.

New and updated models

This release includes:
  • Significant updates to secondary risk characteristics and peril codes associated with the Verisk Wildfire Model for the United States Users can import smoke peril codes only as PSM or in combination with PEA (all earthquake perils--shake, fire, sprinkler, tsunami), PEF (Fire--wildfire, fire following earthquake), PWF (all wind plus fire), and PAL (all licenses perils). They can export smoke peril codes and secondary risk characteristics. Location-level event intensity (LLEI) support includes fire and smoke intensity.

New and updated codes

  • Added Backwater Valve Protection field to "Location building details" to accommodate the new Verisk Inland Flood Model for Canada.