What's New in Touchstone 2.0

Version 16.0 of the UNICEDE®/px format for Touchstone® 2.0 includes several model changes and software updates, including the following:

  • New U.S. Severe Thunderstorm and U.S. Inland Flood secondary modifiers.
  • AIR Hurricane Model for Offshore Assets has been introduced for Touchstone 2.0. Previously this model was only available for CLASIC/2. The Industry Exposure Database (IED) has been updated using the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation, and Enforcement (BOEMRE) public database for platforms in federal waters, and a private vendor (RigZone) database for mobile rigs and floating platforms.
  • AIR’s Canada and U.S. Earthquake models have been combined into a region-wide model that can support policy conditions that cover U.S. and Canadian locations. The Canada model has new support for CRESTA geographic resolution.
  • For the AIR Typhoon Model for China, exposures can now be coded with the PPH peril code to explicitly capture a risk as being covered for precipitation-induced flood. In prior releases, wind and precipitation-induced flood shared a common peril code PWH.
  • Other updates and clarification to the documentation.

See the Touchstone Version 2.0 Release Notes for a full listing of improvements and details.

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16.0.0 (P-3-1)

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