What's New in Touchstone 1.5 / CLASIC/2 15.0

Version 15.0 of the UNICEDE®/px format for Touchstone® V1.5 / CLASIC/2™ V15.0 includes several model changes and software updates, including the following:

  • Model updates for AIR Earthquake Model for Japan and the AIR Typhoon Model for Japan. Both models contain various catalog updates, including:
    • Support for Tsunami (PTS) parameters (old UPX files and databases will be automatically updated from PES to PES+PTS for Japan).
    • Support for the 400-series industrial facility occupancy codes. With the earthquake model, two new IFM codes (486, 487) are also supported for international and domestic ports.
    • Support for new fire construction codes (161-166), as well as the old codes (171-179). You can see these in the Japan Construction Class Codes table in Appendix L.
  • For the earthquake model, support for three new marine cargo construction codes (276, 286, 296) for General/Unknown, Combustible, and Non-Combustible. For the typhoon model, support for only marine cargo code 276, General/Unknown.
  • Decommissioning of construction codes 105 (woodframe Zairai) and 106 (woodframe Dento); use code 101 instead.
  • New AIR Coastal Flood Model for Great Britain.
  • Updates to Step functions. New functionality for Limit at Damage by step, and Scale Factor by step (default is 1) used to pay out the percentage of loss step policies. The UPX file structure for the Step function record has changed slightly. See Step Function Record Summary for details.
  • Model updates for the AIR Earthquake model for Hawaii and the AIR Tropical Cyclone Model for Hawaii.
  • New World Scenarios event set.
  • Other updates and clarification to the documentation.

See the Touchstone 1.5 or CLASIC/2 15.0 Release Notes for a full listing of improvements and details.

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