What's New in Touchstone 1.5 / CLASIC/2 15.0

Version 15.0 of the UNICEDE®/fx format for Touchstone® 1.5 / CLASIC/2™ 15.0 includes several model changes and software updates, including the following:

  • Model updates for AIR Earthquake Model for Japan and the AIR Typhoon Model for Japan. Both models contain various catalog updates, including:
    • Support for Tsunami (PTS) parameters (old UPX/UFX files and databases will be automatically updated from PES to PES+PTS for Japan).
    • Support for the 400-series industrial facility occupancy codes. With the earthquake model, two new IFM codes (486, 487) are also supported for international and domestic ports.
    • Support for new fire construction codes (161-166), as well as the old codes (171-179). You can see these in the Japan Construction Class Codes table in Appendix L.
  • For the earthquake model, support for three new marine cargo construction codes (276, 286, 296) for General/Unknown, Combustible, and Non-Combustible. For the typhoon model, support for only marine cargo code 276, General/Unknown.
  • Decommissioning of construction codes 105 (woodframe Zairai) and 106 (woodframe Dento); use code 101 instead.
  • Model updates for the AIR Earthquake model for Hawaii and the AIR Tropical Cyclone Model for Hawaii.
  • New UK Coastal Storm Surge model covers the coastal flood peril (PSH) applicable to the entire U.K.
  • New World Scenarios event set.
  • Other updates and clarification to the documentation.

See the Touchstone 1.5 or CLASIC/2 15.0 Release Notes for a full listing of improvements and details.

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